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Climbing Rope

Climbing rope

Find your new lifeline with safe, dependable climbing ropes from reputable brands

Climbing rope keeps you safely anchored and supported, and is an imperative safety measure in all types of climbing. The best rock climbing ropes balance performance, practicality, and are light in weight to give climbers the edge wherever they need it.

What are climbing ropes?

Climbing rope is specifically designed for rock climbing. Ropes are usually differentiated by diameter:

  • Thinner diameters between 9mm and 11mm are typical for sport climbing
  • 10 or 11mm climbing ropes are used for for traditional climbs
  • 12mm or more are usually reserved for big wall climbs

When it comes to buying climbing ropes online, it pays to have a few options at your disposal. For example, in long, multi-pitch climbs, it's important that a heavy belay doesn't dramatically lengthen the amount of rope running through a belay device. 

In these cases, it's common to make the first half of the pitch with a thinner diameter rope and then bring a second thicker rope for the second half. Having both ropes on your person is essential for a successful climb.

Why do I need quality climbing ropes?

Quality rock climber ropes are thicker than normal ropes since they need to be able to withstand the repeated impacts of a falling climber or protection hardware. 

Rock climbing ropes also must be abrasion resistant in order to prevent damage when pulling the rope across sharp rock edges, and have very little stretch so as not to absorb energy from a falling climber.

Buying quality, tested climbing ropes online can mean the difference between safety and danger. It’s important that you check that your products have been rigorously tested via standard rope strength drop tests.

What should I consider when buying climbing ropes online?

Choosing the right rope for the correct application is not as difficult as it sounds. Here’s what to look for when purchasing a rock climbing rope online:

  • Width. A wider rope lasts longer and is more abrasion resistant than a skinny one, but it's also less maneuverable, harder to thread through devices, and weighs more.
  • Size. Climbing ropes range in length from 50m to 80m depending on what type of climbing you plan to do with them.
  • Material. The outer sheath material of a climbing rope can dictate how versatile it is. Too slippery, and the rope can be utterly useless when you need it most.
  • Safety. All climbing ropes should be tested by the UIAA for maximum safety in tough conditions that feature water and dirt.

Avoid climbing ropes that are too thick, too heavy, or those that have not been rigorously tested by governing bodies.

If you are just getting started out on your climbing career, then get in touch with the friendly customer service team at Oz Backcountry. We can guide you through how to buy climbing ropes online, and help you discern what will be the perfect solution for your sport.

Climbing ropes from Oz Backcountry

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