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Camping tents

Buy camping tents online and give yourself the best home away from home

Camping tents are more than just a safe space to shelter. Depending on the conditions, they can literally save your life. Unfortunately, there thousands of camping tents and backpacking tents available online that is often hard to choose. Fear not! That’s where we come in. Read on to learn more about what will make for the best camping tent for you.

What are camping tents?

You are likely familiar with the notion of a tent — a collapsible shelter ideal for temporary residence in the outdoors. This definition might be all well and good for a music festival or family holiday. If you are going further afield into the wilderness, you need a shelter that will go the distance with you.

At Oz Backcountry, we stock a range of different camping tents for different conditions:

  • Simple sunshades for shelter from the elements during the day
  • Backpacking tents for car camping and light camping
  • Bikepacking tents — small tents for motorbike or cycling trips
  • Mountaineering tents for long mountain climbing trips

Why do I need quality camping tents?

Whether you are enjoying a weekend away or several months in the mountains, you will need camping tents that can withstand all kinds of abuse. It is simply not possible to predict what conditions your campsite will offer. 

Even if you are heading to an established campground, there is no guarantee that it won’t be flooded or infested with insects. The only thing that you can do is buy camping tents that are up to the task.

That’s where buying quality camping tents online comes in. By spending money on a better product, you can guarantee that you won’t have to cut your trip short because your shelter is affected.

What are some features I should look out for when buying camping tents or backpacking tents online?

Choosing the right camping tent does not have to be a hard task. It can be as easy as weighing up all of your options versus what kind of adventure you want to go on. Once you understand your needs, you’ll easily to be able to buy the right camping tent online.

There are several considerations when choosing your tent:

  • Use. What type of activity will you be doing? Some activities, like mountaineering, will require special, lightweight tents.
  • Environment. Where will the majority of your trip take place? There’s no need for a mountaineering tent if you are making your way to the beach.
  • Size. How many people do you need to accommodate in your camping tent? You might have to buy several if your party is large.
  • Design. There are literally thousands of tent designs available online. If you’re facing inclement weather, you’ll probably want one that can be erected fast.
  • Colour. Some tents are easily identifiable with orange and yellow colours, while others are more covert with forest greens and browns.

Camping tents from Oz Backcountry

Oz Backcountry stocks a range of popular Nemo backpacking tents, mountaineering tents, and similar models. All Nemo tents have been tested in unforgiving conditions from the desert to the mountains, and everywhere between.

We stand by the camping tents we have available online. In fact, we use them ourselves. We guarantee that there’s no better shelter for your needs. If you are unsatisfied with our products in any way, we will happily replace them, offer store credit, or refund entirely. Visit our returns and exchange policy to learn more.

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