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Planning to explore the colourful Great Barrier reef, or want to find treasures under your nearest beachy waters in winter? Swim suits and surf accessories like goggles can take your water adventures to the next level.

Whether you're searching for a new wetsuit to go open water swimming in, or compete in a triathlon, we have an assortment of wetsuits to suit your needs.

What are wetsuits?

How often do you swim or compete in a triathlon? Wetsuits have a number of benefits, including keeping your body insulated and stopping it from getting hypothermia underwater.

They're stretchy, prevent you from overheating, repel wind, and offer UV protection. Think about what is right for your lifestyle! If you enjoy adventuring and diving even in cold water, it's a worthy investment.

Why do I need high-quality wetsuits?

It helps maintain a regulated body heat underwater. This is especially the case if you enjoy swimming in the colder months!

A wetsuit not only ensures your safety underwater, but they help you swim comfortably and improve your performance under the sea. Wetsuits are able to:

- Offer complete thermal protection against the sea elements.

- Repel water and assist your body in floating and allowing for easy wear and speed, which is a major plus if you compete in a triathlon on the regular.

- Be anti-abrasive and durable due to the foam neoprene material. These nitrogen bubbles of air in the wetsuit will also keep you toasty!

- A wetsuit compresses your muscles between the water between your skin and the suit, helping with maximum performance under the sea.

- The outside layer of a wetsuit - Super Composite Skin - reduces the resistance of the water.

- A wetsuit can boost confidence and reduce stress.

What are some features I should look out for when looking to buy wetsuits online?

When shopping online for a wetsuit, you want to pay attention to its features and the brand, price, and website you're purchasing from. You want your swim accessories to be good quality.

- E7 neoprene. It's the stretchiest and warmest material on the market.

- The thickness of the wetsuit. When competing in a triathlon or open water swimming, a 1.5mm thickness optimises your flexibility.

- High-tech, such as a way to identify you during an accident. Oz Backcountry offers an identification system with their Openwater SW Wetsuit (Women's).

- A Restube Ready connector, which can be attached to you without a belt, stopping any wear to your suit.

- Hydrolite technology makes it easier for you to transition into normal clothing. Back zip and a chest zip are a great plus.

- Being visible in the water during any season. Buy colours that will stand out!

- A lined collar made of velcro to prevent chafing around the neck.

- The chest zip or back zip of a wetsuit. The chest zip is essential for adjustable closure and comfort.

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