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Backcountry Poles for Sale at Oz Backcountry

Buy snow poles and plan your next snowy escape

Are you eager to experience a new kind of skiing? Instead of using the ski lift and preparing for the twists and turns in the powder snow, why not explore a purpose-built track and challenge yourself? 

Whether you’ve planned a winter escape to Mount Baw Baw or just have a passion for the outdoors, it is never a bad thing to jump - or ski - out of your comfort zone!

What are winter poles?

Looking for an easier way to work out and like to do so in nature? These winter poles are a new technology made for cross-country skiing, which relies on your movements rather than traditional ski gear. 

Backcountry poles are an essential thing to pack when travelling if you’ve added spontaneous adventure to your calendar. These poles give you the freedom to balance, steer, and an easy way to trek to your desired location.

Even if the terrain is uneven or unpredictable, these poles are great for added safety. You’ll always have the grip, endurance, longevity, and support you need during those snowy escapes.

Why should I purchase backcountry poles? 

What are the best backcountry ski poles, and why do you need them? If you’ve chosen free skiing, competitive skiing, or recreational skiing, these poles are durable and bulky enough to get you through the alpine.

For example, the Komperdell Carbon FXP.4  Expedition - Vario Compact is a lightweight folding pole, perfect for dry, cold, or wet seasons. Like most cross-country poles, these contain many useful features. Komperdell has been manufacturing high-quality poles for over 100 years in Austria.

Why should I purchase Snowshoes?

Feel the benefits of stability in the snow! Not only is it a good idea to use snow poles in the wilderness, but snowshoes help with that extra grip. The Vipole Pathfinder Red Snow Shoes for example have heel lifts to help you climb peaks and a large surface area to stop you from sinking.

What features should I look out for when looking to buy winter poles online?

Long grips. You’ll feel comfortable holding them on flat surfaces or steeper slopes.

Comfort-padded straps. Resistant to all four seasons, soft, and breathable. 

Interchangeable winter baskets. This system assists with soft terrains such as sand, mud, or snow, preventing your pole from sinking and keeping you on track. Some are made from durable tungsten material.

Powerlock mechanisms. This makes poles easily adjustable in length with gloves on. These can benefit any height, too! Some can be adjusted from 105 - 145cm.

Corrosion resistance. Some snow poles are made from reliable aluminium, and some can be constructed from carbon or glass fibres.

Nature-friendly features. Many are recyclable and don’t harm the climate.

Buy ski poles from Oz Backcountry today

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate player undertaking a short or long expedition. Backcountry ski poles will give you the confidence you need to travel through areas of nature that may have once been intimidating. 

At Oz Backcountry, we have everything you need to start planning a trip with friends and family. We have a range of payment methods available such as Paypal, or buy now pay later options like ZipPay and Afterpay if you want to cross-country now and pay later!

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