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Gear Repair & Care

Garment care and repair

Keep your gear in top shape with down cleaners and water repellant sprays

Your gear can only be as good as the state it is in. A fact of backcountry life is that things can go wrong - tents can tear, clothing can degrade quickly, and things will always get wet. Fortunately, Oz Backcountry has a huge range of repair and care products to help your gear soldier on with you. 

What qualifies as garment care?

Garment and gear care is an umbrella term for a range of products that keep your backcountry great look and operating at its peak. These products can include:

  • Down cleaner. Down coat cleaners refresh and clean your down jackets and coats, keeping them refreshed without the need for proper dry cleaning.
  • Water repellant. Water repellant sprays and wash-in products add a layer of hydrophobic coating to your garments and gear to keep them dry longer.
  • Patches. Gear patches can be applied to tents and other gear for temporary coverage over holes, rips, and tears. 
  • Tapes and sealants. These perform a similar function to patches, allowing more diverse applications than a single hole repair.

Why do I need care and repair items?

Having high quality coat cleaners, raincoat water repellent sprays, and other care items can help keep your camping trip running smoothly. There’s no point in buying expensive gear only to have it let you down when you need it most.

When used effectively, they can:

  • Prolong the life and longevity of your gear
  • Make for a more comfortable camping trip
  • Prevent you from having to turn back early

Care and repair items are not just important for your comfort. They also perform essential safety functions. Broken and damaged gear can be dangerous and potentially fatal in certain situations. You owe it to yourself, your travelling party, and your family to always have repair gear on you when you go out adventuring.

Oz Backcountry care and repair products

Oz Backcountry stocks a range of popular Gear Aid water repellant sprays, down cleaners, patches, tapes, and repair kits. All of these products have been rigorously tested in the field to ensure continually exceed expectations. At Oz Backcountry, we never leave home without them.

Buy gear care and repair products online from Oz Backcountry and you will still receive the same buyer protections that you are entitled to in physical stores. If you are unsatisfied with our products in any way, we will happily replace them, offer store credit, or refund entirely. Visit our returns and exchange policy to learn more.

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