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Buy down sleeping bags specially designed for Australian conditions

No matter if it’s winter or summer, if you’re going on an overnight camping trip or hike, you can’t leave home without a sleeping bag. Synthetic backpacking sleeping bags and special down sleeping bags for camping have improved in technology over the year, granting adventurers more comfortable sleeping settings in the great wild world.

What are camping sleeping bags?

Camping sleeping bags are exactly as the name implies. It’s a bag that you sleep in while you go camping to help keep yourself warm through the night. Camping sleeping bags may also be called backpacking sleeping bags, adventure sleeping bags, or outdoor sleeping bags.

There are two main sleeping bags available online today:

  • Synthetic sleeping bags insulated with entirely synthetic material
  • Down sleeping bags insulated with feathers from birds

Both options have their benefits. Synthetic sleeping bags tend to be less expensive, while down sleeping bags are lighter and tend to insulate better.

No matter what kind of sleeping bag you decide to purchase, all products in this category consist of three layers:

  1. The outer shell protects against cold and wind
  2. The liner is next to the skin and helps keep you warm
  3. An interlining provides insulation from heat loss through convection, conduction and evaporation

Why do I need quality sleeping bags?

One of the most important parts of an adventure is getting enough sleep. Sleeping bags are designed to help you do just that. There are a number of ways that sleeping bags — whether down or synthetic — can help you get a better sleep when you are away from home.

Buy a quality sleeping bag online and you can expect:

  • Warmth and regulated temperature throughout the night
  • Protection from crawling insects, bugs, and other animals
  • Increased comfort and padding for rough sleeping surfaces
  • Room to move and get comfortable to sleep as you like

What are some features I should look out for when buying sleeping bags online?

There are dozens of unique designs of camping sleeping bags available on the market today. Choosing the wrong one can be an expensive and annoying mistake. If you’re browsing through sleeping bag sales online, here’s what we recommend you consider before making your final purchase.

  • Design. Certain sleeping bags are designed for side sleepers, tummy sleepers, and anything in between.
  • Insulation. Be sure to buy the correct sleeping bag for the temperatures you will be facing in the wilderness. 
  • Material. As stated before, some materials and insulation methods will be cheaper than others.
  • Weight. The final weight of your camping sleeping bag will be an important consideration for the rest of your pack.
  • Budget. Some sleeping bags may seem cheaper, that is likely for good reason. You should aim to buy the best product at the right price range.

Sleeping bags from Oz Backcountry

Oz Backcountry stocks a range of popular Nemo and Mammut sleeping bags ready for purchase online. All products across both brands have been rigorously tested in harsh and cold conditions, just like what you will face on the trail or in the mountains.

When it comes to our camping sleeping bags for sale online, we trust our products, and we know you will, too. If you are unsatisfied with our products in any way, we will happily replace them, offer store credit, or refund entirely. Visit our returns and exchange policy to learn more.

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