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Take a load off in comfort with inflatable camping pillows for sale

Camping pillows are more than just a novelty. They are an essential camping sleep product that can offer plenty of benefits to campers who like to hike overnight. Better yet, inflatable camping pillows are incredibly lightweight and very easy to add to your pack. If you’re planning your next overnighter in the wilderness, don’t leave home without our camping pillows for sale online.

What are camping pillows?

Camping pillows are specially designed sleep products for long-term camping. They can be packed down and stored, making them an efficient choice against bulky, heavy pillow alternatives.

Inflatable camping pillows come in a wide variety of styles and designs. There’s a suitable camping pillow for any camper’s budget and preferences. The main types of camping pillows available online are ultralight or packable inflatable camping pillows, or backpacking pillows. Backpacking pillows are made for harsher conditions, while camping pillows are more generic.

Camping bedding with integrated pillows also exists, but are not as popular as ultralight camping pillows. The latter simply cannot be beaten in terms of versatility and storage.

Why do I need quality inflatable camping pillows?

Camping pillows are an essential addition to any overnight kit. Unfortunately, the market is cluttered with budget options that offer little more support than propping your head against your arm all night. When you buy camping pillows online, you need to buy quality. Here’s why you need to find the best: 

  • They offer increased comfort, support, and help you sleep better compared to other options. 
  • A good camping pillow will also save your back and shoulders when carried through the wilds.
  • Quality camping pillows will inflate quickly, retain air throughout the night, then deflate quickly again.
  • Some camping pillows will attach directly to your other camping sleeping gear to ensure that you get the best sleep possible.

What are some features I should look out for when buying inflatable camping pillows online?

There are plenty of unique designs for camping pillows on the market today. You can find lightweight models that can store in specially-designed pockets or compartments in your backpack. Alternatively, you can opt for luxury models that offer a bit more in the way of support.

Whatever you decide, make sure you keep these things in mind when buying camping pillows online.

  • Design. Longer mountain hikes will require a slimmer, more lightweight design than simple overnight camps in the bush.
  • Storage. Camping pillows should come with their own protective sacks or storage compartments, free of dirt and debris.
  • Washing. Rather than having to add extra weight to your pack with pillow slips, choose a model that is entirely washable.
  • Insulation. Certain models are more equipped for cold weather camping and mountaineering.
  • Size. There is a range of camping and backpacking pillow sizes online to suit side sleepers, back sleepers, and those with broader shoulders.

Camping pillows from Oz Backcountry

Oz Backcountry stocks a range of popular Nemo camping pillows and backpacking pillows ready to accompany you on your next adventure. Whether you are camping in a field for the weekend, or climbing over a mountain, we have products that have been tested in a variety of conditions.

Our camping pillows for sale online are ahead of the game when it comes to quality. If you are unsatisfied with our products in any way, we will happily replace them, offer store credit, or refund entirely. Visit our returns and exchange policy to learn more.

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